Rawat VL Comedy (Pankaj Rawat) Bring new car from Youtube money

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Rawat VL Comedy (Pankaj Rawat takes delivery of a new car from youtube money. He bought a new Hyundai Creta.He makes comedy and prank videos and uploads them on Youtube and Facebook. He is popular for dancing in between crowded markets and singing loud songs.

Who is Rawat Vl comedy (Pankaj Rawat) ?

He is a social media influencer who makes dance pranks. He comes from a middle class family Khatima, Uttarakhand.He started his journey vlogs on Tik Tok.He was inspired by Sourav Jhosi vlogs for making Vlog and Sourva Jhosi is also from Uttarakhand.

After that on November 26, 2021 he started his youtube channel and started to upload dance prank videos. On youtube he has 6.32 Million subscribers and on Instagram he has 2.5 Million followers.

Rawat VL Comedy is Popular

Rawat Vl comedy urf Pankaj Rawat is an influencer.He makes comedy and prank videos and uploads on Youtube and Facebook.He is popular for pranks. He went viral when he danced crazy in a crowded market and sang songs loudly. He is more popular in youth and his Youtube shorts and Reels are viral.

instagram post

His journey is inspiring for people.He has Million subscribers and followers on Social Media.He captures the reaction of people in camera when he dances.

Which car does he bring ?

From the love and support of follower he brought the Hyundai Creta sx. Hyundai Creta is popular in its own segment. People love the design and features that it provides in its price range. The size is also good, it is not too big and too small in size.It comes in the price range of 13 lakh to 19 lakh.It till now he has not told which specific model he brings in which price range.Hyundai Creat safety rating is also good. 

Hyundai Creta

He also has a BMW brand. Pankaj Rawat aka Rawat RL Comedy is in his 20’s. He making a house for family and for own.

He made the vlog of taking delivery of a car and he cut cake and celebrated with family and friends. His family is happy by seeing the growth and success.Pankaj dance videos are popular in  Youtube and from which he gets millions  of views.

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